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Join me in Empowering, Impacting, and Uniting! 


The Sanneh Foundation was founded in St. Paul Minnesota by two-time MLS champion and FIFA World Cup Veteran, Tony Sanneh,  as a way to empower youth, improve lives, and unite communities with high quality programs that advance diversity, equity, and community well-being. 

Given the killing of George Floyd, and the response of our nation, The Sanneh Foundation is asking for help as they commit to doubling down on its efforts and will continue to do the work that advances the real construction of community health and well-being that includes;

  • Anti-Racism training to local student athletes at our captains camps and soccer clubs
  • Develop mentors and teachers of color through our Dreamline program
  • Train police officers internationally on relationship based leadership for peaceful connection.
  • Serve over 30,000 meals to the diverse community effected by the growth of food insecurity during the pandemic
  • Provide over 7,000 kids access to free soccer camps annually.

We are joining the call for everyone in Minnesota's youth soccer community to step up. In partnership with MYSA & TCSL, we have been encouraged to set up this fundraiser by our community of supporters and the signatories of the Call to Action letter, to bring meaningful resources and sustainable programs to Minnesota's most diverse communities. 

With over 60,000 youth players in our state,  if everyone gave just $10 we could beat our goal by 400%. If you feel compelled, please consider making a donation and starting your own fundraising team.  

This is not Black and Brown vs Blue or Black and Brown vs White. This is humanity vs oppressive inhumane behavior, treatment and practices. 


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